SNOW, Brig
Date of Build/Launch: June 1825

Description: 1 deck, 2 masts; snow rigged, standing bowsprit, square stern, carvel built, male bust figurehead.
Master in 1825: Robert Small
Subscribing Owners: John Fleming (shipbuilder) 16/64; Will & Alex Steven (shipbuilder) 8/64; Rob Catto (merchant) 4/64; Wm. Pirie (merchant) 8/64; Alex Mortimer 4/64; Rob Small (master) 8/64.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

1828-29: Master R. Small; Owner Fleming & Co.; Voyage Liverpool - Havana.

1830-31: Master R. Small (1831 Master changed from Small to Gunson); Owner Fleming & Co.; Voyage Cowes - Humber.

1832-33: Master H. Gunson; Owner Johnston & Co.; Voyage Liverpool - Genoa.

Aberdeen Journal, 8/2/1832:
(advert) Fine AI coppered brig Bolivar, Herman Ganson commander, will sail for Quebec early in March - has most superior accommodation for steerage and cabin passengers. Her height betwen decks being fully 6 ft. For freight or passage, apply to master aboard or Wm. Johnston, Schoolhill. (do. 8/8/1832, to sail 11 August).

Caledonian Mercury, 11/7/1833:
Brig Bolivar, Gunson Master, of Aberdeen, took aboard four crew of wrecked brig Haynet for Quebec.

Aberdeen Journal, 25/3/1835:
(advert) Brig Bolivar, Herman Ganson commander, is on berth Aberdeen and will sail for Quebec about 1st April. Wm. Johnston, Schoolhill.

1839: Master H. Gunson; Owner Johnston & Co.; Voyage Aberdeen - Quebec.

1840-41: Master C. Simpson; Owner J. Ingo; Registered Newcastle; Voyage North Shields - London.

1843: Master McPhail; Owner J. Ingo; Voyage Newcastle.

1844-46: Master Stephens; Owner J. Ingo; Voyage Newcastle - America; Tonnage given as 279; Ship lengthened / new deck / large repairs / tonnage 304.

1847: Master R. Morrison; Owner J. Ingo; Voyage North Shields - London.

1848: Master R. Morrison; Owner J. Ingo; Voyage unknown.

1849: No entry.
(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)

Morning Post, 7/12/1849:
Shields, 5 December - Bolivar, brig of and from this port for London, foundered yesterday morning off Berwick, Crew saved.
length 85'9" x breadth 24'6" x depth 16'6"
Registered Tonnage: 223 ton

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