Official Number and Yard No - not available
Built 1816 - Builder not known

Re-registered No 29 in the Register of Ships held by Aberdeen City Archives on 29/03/1825, previous registration noted on 27/03/1823 per original Certificate delivered and cancelled.

Type: Snow (sw): rigged as a brig, with square sails on both masts but with a small triangular sail mast stepped immediately towards the stern of the main mast.

1 Deck, 2 Masts
Rigged with Standing Bowsprit, Square Sterned, Build - Carvel

Classified A1

Shares 64:
Subscribing owners:
Donaldson Rose, Shipbuilder 14/64
Alexander Mortimer, Baker 2/64
John Morrison, Shipmaster 6/64
Other owners owning balance of shares 42/64

24/11/1829: Donaldson Rose transfered 2/64 shares to Wm Garrow, Advocate, Trustee of the sequestrated estate of Peter Davidson.
21/06/1831: Bill of Sale Alexander Morrison, Shipmaster, Aberdeen transferred 2/64 shares to Donaldson Rose, Merchant, Aberdeen.
05/03/1833: Transfer by Donaldson Rose, Shipbuilder & others 42/64 shares to various.

The Register of Ships at Aberdeen City Archives does not provide any of the ship's dimensions because they had been advised when the ship was first registered and the relevant Register is missing. The above data became available when the Ship was re-registered.

NOTE: Donaldson Rose is described as a Shipbuilder and at other times as a Merchant and the Shipping Register at a later date indicates he was formerly a Shipbuilder and now a Merchant.

The following information * has been extracted from "Fast Sailing & Copper Bottomed" by Lucille H. Campey.

* Voyages
* Master in 1816 John Morrison who was "perfectly acquainted with the American trade for many years" and who commanded the ship intermittently between 1816 and 1832. Donaldson Rose then moved him to the PACIFIC which he commanded between 1836 and 1844.
* John Morrison also commanded the DOUGLAS in 1817.
* Between 1816 and 1832 the AIMWELL made many crossings under John Morrison to Halifax and Quebec from Thurso and Aberdeen taking many settlers/immigrants to Canada including their apparel and possessions.
* Further information regarding the AIMWELL and its voyages can be found in the above.
length 85' x breadth 25.10' x depth 16.9'
gross tonnage 232 tons

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