Official Number
Yard Number: 903
Official Number: 5491390

Aberdeen Press & Journal, Thursday 15 November 1962:
'The BALLYRORY, a self-trimming motor collier and the last vessel on the order books of Hall, Russell & Co. Ltd., Aberdeen, was launched yesterday afternoon.
With the launching of this vessel Aberdeen's shipyards are almost denuded of construction work, as John Lewis & Sons Ltd., have only two small trawlers on their books, one of which is already well in hand.
Hall, Russell and Company have still a good list of fitting out work, but apart from the two trawlers Lewis are already having to depend on repair work, and the immediate outlook for new contracts is bleak.
Although Hall, Russell & Co. have no other....it was stated yesterday that there would be no immediate big pay-off.
The BALLYRORY, named by Mrs J S Kennedy, wife of the managing director of the owning company, is the second of the identical vessels built to the order of John Kelly Ltd., Belfast.
Designed as a self-trimming collier and as a general cargo carrier for coastwise trading between the North of Ireland, British ports and on the short international runs, the BALLYRORYwill eventually follow into service the BALLYRUSH, which completed loaded trials on the Clyde last week.
The BALLYRORY will have a total deadweight capacity of about 2000 tons and the machinery will be arranged aft. There are three cargo holds.
The BALLYRORY makes a towering background for the picture of the platform party before the launching.'

Renamed: SAMOS LUCK 1983; LUCK 1984; TRUST 1992; SOUHA (1992, Flag: Lebanon, Owners: Trust Shipping Co., Managers: Congress Maritime Co.)

Sold in 1983.

In Lloyds 2010, Ballyrory is still listed as being called Souha and classed as a general cargo ship. Owners or country not known.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
John Kelly Ltd, Belfast
length 240 7/12' x breadth 39 1/12' x depth 15 9/12'
Gross Tonnage: 1575 ton

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