Official Number
Stern Fishing Trawler

Yard Number: 914

Port: Capetown
Flag: South African

Stern Trawler 2 HO 13 1/4 x 31 1/4'
Classed LR until 7/66. Withdrawn owners' request.
Controllable pitch propeller.

B19 2dks
ref.30" BK6"

Sponsor of HAWTHORN - The Viscountess Stonehaven.

Owner: Irvin & Johnson Ltd, Cape Town.
Manager: Richard Irvin, Cape Town, South Africa.

Following the recent completion of NORTHELLA, Britain's largest stern fishing all-freezer trawler, Hall, Russell & Company Limited have completed and handed over two of the smallest twin deck stern trawlers ever built.
The HAWTHORN and HIBISCUS, which have been built for Irvin & Johnson Ltd., of Cape Town, South Africa, are only 140'-6" in overall length which is 105'-0" shorter than NORTHELLA.
HAWTHORN was handed over at the end of December 1964 and HIBISCUS in March 1965. Both vessels were subject to extensive trials before delivery and the following is an extract from the report on the HAWTHORN:
"As in the case of the first stern trawler built by Hall Russell, the builders conducted extensive fishing trials to satisfy themselves that the vessel would handle and perform efficiently before she is handed over to her owners. These trials were carried out in an area north of the Shetland Islands, in seas which were the result of several days of severe gale force winds, and shooting and hauling tests were carried out in varying depths up to 300 fathoms. The vessel performed excellently under these adverse conditions, and the builders are well satisfied that she will cope with the difficult conditions in South African waters where fishing is carried out at great depth, and frequently in very heavy seas. To ensure that the vessel was given a thorough and fair trial, the builders obtained the services of a skipper and crew from the firm of J. Marr & Son Limited, Hull, with whom they had already co-operated in building the stern trawlers JUNELLA and NORTHELLA.
Although the skipper had never previously handled a stern trawler, and only the mate had been on a stern trawler before, the trawl was shot and hauled in the difficult conditions prevailing with the greatest of ease by a crew of five, and all observers on board, who included Mr. A. Kay, Marine Superintendent of the Owners, Mr. Andrew Marr of J. Marr & Son, Hull, and Skippers George and Sanders from South Africa, were very impresed with the performance of the vessel.
Following delivery at Cape Town, representatives of Hall, Russell & Company Limited will complete their researches into the performance of this prototype vessel by making a fishing trip to the South African grounds, as it is only by first-hand study of the performance of new vessels in service that advances in design and the employment of new techniques become possible".
HAWTHORN and HIBISCUS are sister-ships and the principal particulars are length overall 140'-6", breadth 31'-0" and depth 14'-3".
The bridge, which has clear vision both fore and aft, is fitted with controls for the main engines which enable variations in engine speed and propeller pitch to be made and the clutch to be engaged and disengaged. The navigational aids comprise a reflector type standard compass, an auxiliary compass, a Marconi radio-telephone, direction finder, echo sounder and fish-lup. Underneath the bridge are cabins for Owner and Skipper.
The vessel is fitted with two complete decks all fore and aft. On the upper deck, the bridge house is placed well forward which allows a long clear deck for handling the trawl.
Abaft the bridge the 4-barrel trawl winch is situated under the boat deck, which gives complete protection from sun and weather to the winch operators.
Two gallows type masts are fitted, the forward one for the purpose of hauling the cod end up the stern ramp, and the after one for spilling the bag of fish through the power operated deck hatch into the tween deck space below.
At the after end of the vessel a carefully designed gantry carries the hanging blocks, an "A" bracket and the other gear for shooting the trawl.
On the lower deck, working space is provided where the fish are gutted and headed, and then passed through a fish washing tank and conveyor chute straight into the fish hold below. Forward of the working space are the officers' and crew's mess rooms, the galley and crew accommodation, all of which is mechanically ventilated to give comfortable conditions in the tropics. Below this deck, the engine room is at the forward end of the vessel and abaft this are the offal and fish holds. A shaft tunnel is carried under the fish hold, and ballast and fresh water tanks are fitted at the tunnel sides. The fish holds are lined with fibreglass insulation, which is sheathed with heavy aluminium plating, and all fish posts, boards and divisions are of aluminium.
In the engine room, the main propusion unit has been provided by W.H. Allen Sons & Co. Ltd., of Bedford, and comprises an 8 cylinder pressure charged marine diesel engine with a bore of 325 mm and a stroke of 370 mm clutch coupled through a Lohmann & Stolterfoht marine reduction gear to a Liaaen controllable pitch propeller. On this gearbox, two layshafts are fitted to drive the winch generator and a 44 kilowatt D.C. auxiliary generator. Auxiliaries comprise a 5 cylinder Ruston & Hornsby diesel engine, coupled to a 40 kw. generator and a Hamworthy compressor of 18 1/2 cubic feet per minute capacity. A small diesel driven Hamworthy air compressor is also provided. The main pumps in the engine room are of Hamworthy make and the smaller pumps are by Mono.
On measured mile trials a speed of 13 knots was achieved.

HAWTHORN was given a new name in 1989 to OCEAN DAWN, owned by Natal Ocean Ltd. Cape Town, South Africa.

Sold 2002/2003 to Deskar Distributors Durban and renamed AFRICAN STAR. 2 compartment holds were created to hold shrimp. In Regiter until 2008
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Irvin and Johnson (South Africa) Limited
length 119 1/3' x breadth 31' 1/12" x depth 14' 5/12"
gross tonnage: 589 ton

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