1814: Owner Thompson, Voyage London-W. Indies
1816: Owner Thompson; Voyage Leith-Pictou, London-Honduras
1818: Master T. Cumin; Voyage London-Montreal
1822: Voyage London-Montreal
1823: Master J. Booth; Voyage Belfast-St. John's Newfoundland
1824: Master Booth; Owner Thompson; Voyage Dublin-Quebec
1825: Master Booth; Owner Thompson; Voyage Dublin-Quebec
1826: Master Booth; Owner Thompson; Voyage Leith-America
1827: Voyage Dundee-New Brunswick
1830: Master J. Robinson; Owner G. Wilkins, Voyage Dartmouth-Murmansk.
1831, 1833: As before.

(Gap in Lloyd's Registers held from 1833-1839 - No mention thereafter).

Aberdeen Journal, 10/1/1816:
Brig ALEXANDER, Cumming master, arrived Aberdeen from Pictou (Nova Scotia) after passage of about 4 weeks.

Aberdeen Journal, 2/6/1819:
Exposed to public sale 2 June within New Inn, Aberdeen, from sequestered estate of Saunders & Mellis 1/16 of brig ALEXANDER, 213 tons register. [Repeated 23/2/1820, 8/11/1820 (Upset price £125), 21/3/1821 (Upset price £100), 14/4/1821 (Upset price £85)]

Aberdeen Journal, 18/4/1821:
Capt. Cumming, of brig ALEXANDER, bound for St. John's, New Brunswick, died on board his vessel at Stromness 30 March after short but severe illness.

Aberdeen Journal, 20/2/1822:
For sale by public roup in Lemon Tree 27 Feb. by creditors of Hugh Gordon, Aberdeen, 1/16 of brig ALEXANDER, 213 tons register, upset price £85.

Aberdeen Journal, 15/5/1822:
Brig ALEXANDER, Booth master, of Aberdeen, for St. John's, New Brunswick, put back to Loch Foyle, near Derry on 1 May, having on 25th April been taken in lat. 54.16, long. 18 with a violent gale of wind from N.W., with hail, rain and heavy sea. As vessel laid to under close reefed main topsail, brig was struck by a dreadful sea, which threw her on her beam ends. Two successive waves swept away boats, bulwarks, cook-house, stanchions and everything on deck. Passengers' berths and great part of their provisions were destroyed. Many of passengers (of which there were 140 aboard) broke out into acts of insubordination, so that it became necessary to return with the vessel, some of the emigrants proving to be of the most base and profligate character.

Aberdeen Journal, 19/11/1823:
For sale by public roup 16 Dec., 1/16 of brig ALEXANDER.

Aberdeen Journal, 31/12/1823:
For sale 10 Jan. entire cargo of brig ALEXANDER, Capt. Booth, from Miramichi (New Brunswick) - red and yellow pine and hardwood of excellent quality.
gross tonnage 213 tons

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