Official Number
Yard Number: 151
Cost to build: £2800

Built for the timber importer Donaldson, Rose & Co. who ordered the ship to be called ALEXANDER HALL in honour of the shipbuilder who was retiring. The barque was built in just two months.

Description: 1 deck, 3 masts, barque rigged, standing bowsprit, square stern, carvel built, no galleries, male bust figurehead.

Subscribing Owners:
Donald Rose, William Rose, Innes Rose, shipbuilders in Aberdeen.
Other shareholders: Alexander Rose, Charles Rose, shipowners in business under Donaldson Rose & Co. Aberdeen.

1845: William Edward

1855 Master J. Findlay, route London to Australia, owner Rose & Co.

Registration cancelled 18th April 1879 - the vessel being converted into a hulk.

(Source: Aberdeen City Archives)

1862: Master - Gibb; Owner/Agent - Donaldson Rose & Co.

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1853 (1st entry): Owners Rose & Co., port belonging to Aberdeen, Master J. Findlay, Destined Voyage London - Australia.
1857-1866 incl.: Owners Rose & Co., Master B. Wallace, port belonging to Aberdeen, Destined Voyage London.
1867-68 to 1873-74 incl.: No entry.
1874-75: Owner W. Walker, port belonging to Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Journal, 29/10/1857:
For sale by public roup Footdee 8 Nov. cargo of timber imported per barque "ALEXANDER HALL" from Quebec (Donaldson, Rose & Co.)

Aberdeen Journal, 22/02/1854:
Fast sailing first class Aberdeen-built barque "ALEXANDER HALL", John Findlay commander, will be despatched from Aberdeen for the port of Quebec Frid. 21 April. This vessel having excellent accommodation and Captain Findlay being experienced in the trade. Passengers may rely on every arrangement being made for their comfort. To secure berths early application necessary to Donaldson, Rose & Co.

Aberdeen Journal, 24/07/1867:
Sale by public roup Footdee 7 August cargo of timber presently landing ex barque "ALEXANDER HALL" from Quebec, (Donaldson, Rose & Co.)

Aberdeen Journal, 10/02/1869:
For sale by public roup within Lemon Tree Hotel, Aberdeen, 18 Feb., barque "ALEXANDER HALL", now lying in Victoria Dock, Aberdeen. Had new decks, waterways and covering boards 1863 and was then yellow metal sheathed to light water line. Standing rigging recently renewed and vessel always kept in efficient state of repair and equipment. Carries and sails well and shifts without ballast. Particulars Donaldson, Rose & Co.

Aberdeen Journal, 12/11/1873:
Barque "ALEXANDER HALL", Captain Matthews, from Quebec for Dundee, put into Longhope 3rd Nov. with loss of sails, having experienced heavy weather.
A. HALL & Co.
length 111' 2" x breadth 23' 8" x depth 18' 1"
tonnage: 403 tons Net, 358 tons Gross

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