Owners; P. Booth, Wedderburn & H. Lumsden

Description: 1 flush deck, 2 masts, snow brig rigged, standing bowsprit, square stern, carvel built, no figurehead.
Master Daniel Smith - 1824.
Subscribing Owner 1824: Patrick Booth, Merchant, 48 shares, Aberdeen.
Other Owners: Harry Leith Lumsden of Clova, Late Cabinet Maker, Aberdeen, 8 shares; Alexander Wedderburn, Merchant of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, 8 shares.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

First mentioned in Lloyd's Register of Shipping 1814:
1814: Master A. Deary; Owner Booth & Co. London - Baltic
1814/15: Master A. Deary; Voyage London - Baltic,London - Newfoundland
1816/19: Master A. Davy; Owner Booth & Co.; Voyage London - Newfoundland
1820/21: Master A. Deary; Voyage Lynn (Norfolk)
1822/23: Master A. Wells; J. Davidson; Voyage London Coaster
1824/25/27: Master Davidson
1827: Master Davidson; Owner Booth & Co.; London Coaster
1828/30: Master Davidson
1830 (last entry): Master Davidson; Owner Booth & Co.; London Coaster
(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)

1824 Master Dan Smith

Wrecked Whitby 31 August 1833 (sank off the Yorkshire coast while on passage from Shields for Aberdeen with coal)

Aberdeen Journal, 22/01/1812:
Brig ALFRED, Morison, of this place, from Miramichi [New Brunswick, Canada] with timber, was driven ashore in Mabstay Bay, Island of Lewis, 24 December with loss of both anchors and cables. Crew and master are saved and, if weather proves favourbale, hopes are entertained vessel may be got off and floated into some of the lochs in the neighbourhood.

Aberdeen Journal, 15/07/1812:
To be sold by auction 18 July opposite shipbuilding yards at Footdee, entire cargo of brig ALFRED, from Miramichi, consisting of pine timber, a few deals and some larch wood, all of the best quality.

Aberdeen Journal, 02/01/1833:
To be sold by public roup 4 January, within Lemon Tree Tavern, following shares of shipping... one sixteenth of brig ALFRED. Apply Alexander Webster or James Low, Advocates, or George Thomson Jnr, Insurance Broker, Quay.

Aberdeen Journal, 11/09/1833:
'On the Yorkshire coast, the gale was tremendous, with piercing cold, and showers of hail - the sea running mountains high - so as to afford no chance of clearning the land to vessels engaged with that dangerous part of the coast, so much exposed to north-east storms; and we lament to state the melancholy fate of an Aberdeen vessel so situated. The brig ALFRED, Forbes, which had sailed, coal laden, from Shields for this place, on the 30 uit (August), was afterwards driven to the southward, and, between 4 and 5 o'clock next day, was observed standing towards the harbour of Whitby, within about three fourths of a mile of which, the vessel broached to by a heavy sea, which broke on board, bringing the main-topsail, at the same time, aback when, melancholy to relate, she immediately went down with her unfortunate crew, seven in number! Part of the wreck was afterwards cast ashore, particularly a plank of the stern with the name 'ALFRED OF ABERDEEN'. Great praise... Lifeboat with Capt. Manby's apparatus was readied and witnessed the wreck with most painful feelings...
length 69'3" x breadth 20'11" x depth 10'10"
gross tonnage 127 tons

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