Official Number
Date of Build/Launch: April 1864
Owner: J. Brodie, London

Subsequent Names: ALPHONSE ET MARIE (1878); ALPHONSE ET MARIE NO. 2 (1887)

Description: 1 deck and a poop deck, and a top gallery at the forecastle, 3 masts, ship rigged, eliptical stern, carvel built, ¾ female figurehead.
Owner: John Smith, Aberdeen, 64 shares.
Sold to John Brodie, London 22 shares, James Archbell, London, 21 shares, Archibald Sword, Greenock, 21 shares on 24 June 1864.
Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives)

Lloyd's Register:
1865-66, 66-67, 67-68: Owner J. Brodie; Port belonging to London; Master H. Baird; Destined voyage Aberdeen-Australia.
1870-71, 1875-76: Master J. Sangster; Destined voyage (1870-71) London-Japan.
1877-78: Master W. T. Moon; barque.
1878-79: Now named ALPHONSE ET MARIE; Owner P. Leroux; Port belonging to Bordeaux; Master Ryckmins.
1884-85: Master Privat.
1887-88: Now ALPHONSE ET MARIE NO. 2; Owner P. Leroux.
1888-89: No reference.

Daily News, 23/05/1867:
Falmouth, May 22 - ship ALEXANDRINA from Otago, New Zealand on 12 February is off here with 3,624 ounces gold, 2401 bales wool and 11 passengers.

Aberdeen Journal, 16/06/1869:
Deaths - At Hong Kong on board ship ALEXANDRINA, of London, of typhus fever on 22 April, Margaret Wylie Douglas of Leith, wife of Captain James C. Sangster of Aberdeen, deeply regretted.

Melbourne Argus, 07/07/1871:
Massacre of English sailors - it appears that the Captain and a boat's crew of the English ship ALEXANDRINA of London had occasion to go ashore near Punta Arenas (Chile) and that... they came into conflict with the Indians, who murdered them. The Indians then put off in large numbers in their canoes towards the ALEXANDRINA, but those on board made all possible sail on the vessel and succeeded in saving themselves and the ship. The body of the Captain was afterwards discovered with two severe wounds on the body and both legs cut off. No traces could be found of the boat's crew, but an English war steamer was expected to proceed to the coast and inquire into the tragedy.
(Source: Australian Newspapers Online)

Brisbane Courer, 09/01/1875:
The ship ALEXANDRINA, 670 tons register, sailed from Gravesend on 17th inst. bound for Ipswich, Queensland. She is the 143rd vessel that has sailed under the sand-order system of emigration and under the immediate direction of the Queensland Government Office. She carried 306 persons, divided into full-paying, assisted, remittance and free passengers and consisting of 136 members of families, 113 single men and 57 single females.
(Source: Australian Newspapers Online)

Brisbane Courier, 11/02/1875:
A number of cabin passengers of the ship ALEXANDRINA met in Rockhampton last evening to present Dr. Butler, the surgeon - Superintendent of the vessel, with an illuminated Address and gold Albert watch. A pleasant evening was spent recounting agreeable reminiscences of the voyage.
(Source: Australian Newspapers Online)

Brisbane Courier, 10/02/1875:
Five passengers on board the ship ALEXANDRINA were found guilty of larceny of 12 bottles of ale on board that ship on December 26 (fined £1 or seven days' imprisonment).
(Source: Australian Newspapers Online)
John Smith, Shipbuilder
John Smith, Shipbuilder
length 176' x breadth 30.3' x depth 18'
gross tonnage 670 tons

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