Official Number
Rig: Three Masted SCHOONER (Iron)

One deck, three masts, schooner rigged, round stern, clencher built, no gallery, male bust, iron framework.

Renamed: ATTILA

Master in 1877 listed as J Archibald

Sold in 1909 to Baine, Johnston & Co, Greenock and renamed ATTILA for the Newfoundland fish trade. Registry transferred to Greenock.

Cook of ATILLA drowned in Barbados, 14/6/1916. (http://nl.canadagenweb.org/dailynews_fatal1916.htm)

Burnt as the ATTILA, 28 May 1918 at Itapoan, carrying cargo of tobacco. Port of Registry at time of loss St Johns, Newfoundland.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 15/06/1878:
Narrow escape of schooner at Aberdeen Harbour - 3 masted schooner ALEXANDER NICOL (Capt. Jones) left harbour in tow of tug BRITANNIA (Capt. Watson) for London with stones. At the bar she slipped the tow rope and drifted towards the beacons. As it was impossible to haul in tow rope in time, crew of tug threw another line and towed her back into harbour.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 03/06/1884:
Alexander Nicol at Gibraltar 1 June from Zanzibar - all well.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 06/02/1885:
ALEXANDER NICOL, Aberdeen - London with stones, collided with schooner GREENWICH about 8 miles off Spurn Head [Humber]. ALEXANDER NICOL, which was run into amidships, had 2 plates broken, mizenmast sprung, decks started and damage to rigging, sails, etc. Crew left her after collision, but soon returned and found she had 4 ft. water in her. After throwing some cargo overboard they made for Humber and assisted by tug CONQUEROR came into Grimsby Dock. She is property of Aberdeen Lime Co. and was built on an improved model in 1876.

Freeman's Journal, 16/11/1885:
ALEXANDER NICOL collided with CORTON LIGHTSHIP near Great Yarmouth, doing serious damage to LIGHTSHIP, which had to be towed to Gt. Yarmouth for repairs. ALEXANDER NICOL proceeded.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 16/06/1887:
Aberdeen Lime Co. received telegram from London from Capt. Watt, ALEXANDER NICOL - "Have been in collision with S.S. CHELSEA in Lower Hope, London. Cause of collision - steamer starboarded her helm". ALEXANDER NICOL was carrying cargo of stones from Mr. John Fyfe, Granite Merchant, Aberdeen to London firm.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 17/06/1887:
Superior weight of steamer smashed ALEXANDER NICOL'S figurehead to atoms and injured her bows. Will be surveyed today, but is not expected to be more than a few days in getting fit for sea.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 06/03/1891:
Shipping trade dispute, arrival of non-union men at Aberdeen: a crew for schooner ALEXANDER NICOL, which was lying at the buoys, was made up from newcomers in the sailor's home. Under escort of 12 policemen with drawn batons they were marched to quay through hissing crowd and efforts to keep them back. They were rowed to their vessel.
Aberdeen Lime Company Limited
length 126'5" x breadth 25'2" x depth 13'9"
registered tonnage 266 tons

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