Official Number
Official Number: 60686

Owner shares: W. Duthie Jnr. 10/64, J. A. & R. Duthie 8/64 and Geo. Washington Wilson 2/64

Description: 2 decks, a poop deck and a round house and a top gallant forecastle, 3 masts, ship rigged, round stern, carvel built, no galleries, demi female figurehead.
Subscribing Owners: William Duthie Junior, shipbuilder, (10 shares); John Duthie, Alexander Duthie & Robert Duthie, shipbuilders, (8 shares jointly owned); Alexander Birnie, master mariner, (4 shares); Robert Williams, copper, (4 shares); John Webster, manager, (4 shares); Hugh Ross, merchant, (3 shares); James Haddon Bower, merchant, (2 shares); John Edmond, bookbinder, (2 shares); George Washington Wilson, photographic artist, (2 shares); Alexander Argo, farmer, (2 shares); William Melville Junior, iron merchant, (1 share); Thomas Melville, gentleman, (1 share); James Bisset, insurance clerk, (1 share); Thomas Ritchie, shipowner, (1 share); Jessie Martin Duthie, spinster, (1 share). All Aberdeen. William Sinclair, farmer, Milltimber, (2 shares); David Sinclair, farmer, Nigg, (4 shares); Charles Pannell, gentleman, Upper Clapton, (4 shares); William Pannell, gentleman, London (4 shares); Richard Seale, shipowner, London, (4 shares).
(Source: Aberdeen Shipping Register (Aberdeen City Archives))

25/3/1873: Robert Williams dies, Ann Gordon, Aberdeen (widow) inherits 4 shares.
15/10/1873: For sale by public roup, 4 shares in the ANN DUTHIE.
31/10/1873: Ann Gordon sells 4 shares to the Duthie joint owners.
31/10/1874: Duthie joint owners sell: 2 shares to Christian Hogg Duthie, spouse of Alexander Duthie. 2 shares to William Duthie Junior.
7/8/1874: William Duthie Junior sells 2 shares to Sarah Stuart, Aberdeen (widow)
5/10/1874: William Sinclair dies intestate. James Sinclair, Ceylon (coffee planter) granted administration of 2 shares.
15/6/1875: James Sinclair sells 2 shares to William Cargill Junior, Aberdeen (shipmaster).
5/8/1879: Thomas Melville sells 1 share to William Duthie Junior, Aberdeen (shipowner)

Renamed: ALEXANDRA (1888)

Destined Voyage Aberdeen - Australia & China
1872 sailed UK to Australia in 72 days.

1875 Master A. Birnie
1880 Master G. Morgan

This vessel was sold to Norway in 1888 and renamed ALEXANDRA .It was wrecked on the South coast of Luzon Island on 16 October 1893.

Aberdeen Press and Journal, 8/7/1868:
Launch - There was launched from the building yard of Messrs. Duthie & Co., Footdee, on Monday afternoon, a splendid vessel, of the following dimensions: Length, 202 feet; breadth of beam, 35 feet; depth, 20 and a half feet. Her register tonnage is 1051, and she is classed 14 years A1 at Lloyd's. She took the water in capital style, being gracefully named the "ANN DUTHIE", by Mrs Williams. The vessel is intended for the Australian and China trades, and will be commanded by Captain Binnie, and experienced navigator. Mr William Duthie is the managing owner.

Illustrated Sydney News, 21/01/1869:
Any of our readers who have recently visited the Circular Quay must have been struck by the symmetrical hull, taut masts and graceful appearance of the beautiful new clipper ship ANN DUTHIE. For years past the Aberdeen clippers have retained their pride of place amongst the most celebrated ships in the Australian trade, each vessel out-rivalling her predecessor in beauty of model, strength of construction and accommodation for passengers.

Aberdeen Journal, 12/01/1870:
Marriage 28 Oct. 1869, Sydney, NSW, Alexander Birnie, Commander of ship "ANN DUTHIE" of Aberdeen to Grace, 2nd daughter of late Allan A. Marshall, Bon-Accord Works, Sydney and late of Aberdeen.

Glasgow Herald, 07/04/1870:
Ship ANN DUTHIE, Birnie Master, Sydney, for London, passed Mount's Bay [Cornwall] - has been out 99 days and has cargo of wool and copper. 2 passengers landed Penzance.

Adelaide Observer, 26/8/1871:
Ship ANN DUTHIE has made the fastest passage recorded from the London docks.

Aberdeen Journal, 24/01/1872:
Quick sailing - we notice arrival again in London of the favourite clipper ship "ANN DUTHIE" (one of Mr. William Duthie's Australia Line) from Sydney under Capt. Birnie. Few ships show such a combination of speed and regularity, although better single passages have been made. Outward passage London - Sydney 75 days, homeward Sydney - London 77 days, vessel fully laden both ways.

Aberdeen Journal, 15/10/1873:
For sale by public roup, Aberdeen, 4 x 64ths of ship "ANN DUTHIE" (substantial and fast sailing vessel).

Maitland Mercury, 31/1/1874:
Kiema. Ship ANN DUTHIE from London passed with a strong fair wind.

Aberdeen Journal, 07/06/1876:
Accidentally killed at Sydney 19th March, George Berry Tait, Carpenter, ship "ANN DUTHIE", aged 32.

Aberdeen Journal, 29/11/1876:
ANN DUTHIE, ship, of Aberdeen, from London for Sydney, Oct 25, Lat 12.30N, Long. 20.30W [off West Africa].

Gippland Times, 08/10/1879:
Mr Linklater, a barrister of some practice and position, was arrested on board ship ANN DUTHIE on charges of bigamy and obtaining money by false pretences. He married Miss Howdy, a young and respectably connected lady. Proof has now been received that he was previously married in London.

Sydney Evening News, 20/01/1883:
Captain Morgan of barque ANN DUTHIE from London 21 Oct. reports - Landed pilot start point 27 Oct. After very heavy westerly gales down channel. NW trades met 32' North (W. of Maderia), but light and only lasted 2-3 days. Equator was crossed 17 Nov. in long 29'41" west variable winds & fine weather till passing meridian of Cape of Good Hope 13 Dec. In 44' South (ship port Jackson in company 27-28 Nov.) 19 Dec. Passed between Hog Island & The 12 Apostles of the Crozet Group, the ship experiencing narrow escape of going ashore on latter. Thick weather for several days previously, so no bearings could be taken. When weather did clear it was found the ship, going at rate of 11 knots, was only a half mile from the rocks. She was promptly rounded to, easting was rune down between 45' & 46' (on fringed of southern ocean) - fine weather & moderate breezes all the way, with main sky sails set all the time. Tasmania rounded 6 Jan. & Jervis Bay sighted 17 Jan. Arrived off Sydney heads Wed. night. A melancholy occurrence cast a gloom over the ship during voyage. On 14 Nov. about 11pm, when ship was in Lat. 6'14" N, Long. 26'4" W (between NW Africa and Brazil) Major Phillips, a sailor passenger, jumped overboard from starboard bow & was not afterward seen. A lifebuoy was thrown and a boat lowered. They searched till 12:15, but to no purpose. The Major, retired from the army, was on a voyage for the benefit of his health.
John Duthie and Sons and Company
length 202.8' x breadth 35.1' x depth 20.5'
tonnage 994 tons

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