Official Number
Yard Number: 216
Schooner rigged cargo steamer
Built/Launched August 1880
Registered in Aberdeen 3rd September 1880

Subsequent Names: LA GAULE

2 decks, 2 masts, schooner rigged, eliptical stern, clench built, no figurehead or galleries, iron frame.
Engines: 1 pair inverted direct acting compound surface condensing, estimated horsepower 160.
19th December 1883 registration cancelled vessel sold to the French.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

Crew space: lower forecastle; for firemen, house for seamen, engineer's mess room, cabins for carpenter, chief engineer, 2nd engineer, chief officer, 2nd officer, 3rd officer, cook and steward.

Initial owners; John Birnie Adam, Thomas Adam Jnr., Aberdeen, Alexander Chivas Adam, Newcastle upon Tyne (joint owners of 64 shares).

1881: Sold to French owners, Delmas Freres, Port of Registry La Rochelle.
1882: Master R. Renauleaud; Owner Delmas Freres; Registered La Rochelle; Port of Survey Antwerp
1883: Port of Survey Baltimore.
19 December 1883: Register closed at Aberdeen.
1884: Master R. Renauleaud; Owner Delmas Freres; Registered La Rochelle; Port of Survey Antwerp
1887: Owners listed as N. Parquet & Co. Port of Registry Marseilles.
1898-1925?: Owners listed as Rie. de Nav. Armenienne et Maroc (N. Parquet & Co., managers), registered Marseilles. Master in 1898 A. Bianchi.
1910: Wireless Call Sign J.V.M.Q.; Master Reiriz; Depth 23'2"; Registered Marseilles
1914: Master Mattei
1918: Master Mattei
1920: Master Agostini; Owner Cie De Navigation Paquet
1923: Call Sign OKZR
1925/25: Call Sign OKZR
1930/31: Call Sign OKZR

Returns of Ships Totally Lost, Condemned, etc.
1st October - 31st December 1932
No. in registration book 65946. LA GAULE broken up.

(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)

Glasgow Herald, 17/12/1880:
Dover, 16 December - Steamer AUCHINTOUL, from New York for Hamburg, passed here.

Daily News, 30/12/1880:
Screw steamer AUCHINTOUL, of Aberdeen, arrived in Tyne from Hamburg and reported having put back, after leaving the Elbe, in consequence of her machinery becoming disabled. She narrowly escaped being driven ashore at Cuxhaven.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 12/02/1881:
Screw steamer AUCHINTOUL, of this port, lately built by Hall Russell & Co. for Adam & Co. has been sold to a French shipping company. Late Captain, Mr Cook, has been appointed to command of COUNTESS OF ABERDEEN of Aberdeen, Newcastle and Hull Steam Co.

Glasgow Herald, 15/04/1881:
Avonmouth, 14 April - LA GAULE from Baltimore arrived here.

Standard, 28/05/1881:
French steamer LA GAULE has arrived Philadelphia 27 May.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 9/8/1881:
Baltimore, 8 August - LA GAULE arrived from Cartagena.

DO, 21/11/1881:
LA GAULE arrived Baltimore from Benisaf (Algeria).

Standard, 21/10/1882:
LA GAULE Baltimore 20 October, arrived.

Glasgow Herald, 28/5/1885:
LA GAULE, New Orleans for Bremen, arrived Falmouth 27 May.

Standard (London), 15/7/1885:
Suez Canal, 12 July - LA GAULE arrived Port Said for Saigon.

Standard, 17/8/1885:
LA GAULE arrived Singapore 15 August.

Dundee Courier, 10/10/1892:
LA GAULE badly stranded on rock and full of water on Cape Kezil off Cheama, the position is critical.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 13/10/1892:
LA GAULE refloated.

Belfast Newsletter, 21/11/1899:
Dover, Monday - In very heavy fog on English channel serious collision between steamer LA GAULE, of Marseilles, Antwerp-Constantinople and London steamer PONDO. LA GAULE brought into Dover with very extensive damage on port quarter extending down to waterline. PONDO disappeared into fog.

Western Mail, 21/11/1899:
PONDO, Pensacola for Antwerp, in collision with LA GAULE off Royal Sovereign Lightship, passed flushing damaged above waterline.

Liverpool Mercury, 25/11/1899:
Dunkirk - LA GAULE put in with 4 plates stove in above waterline on port stern.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Adam & Company, Aberdeen
length 260' x breadth 34' 2" x depth 23' 2"
gross tonnage: 1637 ton

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