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Launched in April 1868

Description: 2 decks with a poop deck and a top gallant forecastle, 3 masts, ship rigged, altered to barque Sept. 1877, round stern, carvel built, no galleries, male figurehead.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

1870/71: Owner J. Thompson Jr.; Voyage London-Australia
1871/72: Master Scott
1873/74: Master Bates
1874/75/76: Voyage London
1876/77: Master D. Bain
1881: Bought by Trinder, Anderson & Co.
1882/83/84: Master W. H. Duguid; Owner Trinder, Anderson & Co.
1890: Sold to Norwegians
7 February 1907: Wrecked at Annalong when bound from Runcorn to Moss.

Clarence & Richmond Examiner (NSW), 31/10/1871:
ASCALON sailed from Sydney for London 21 Oct. and cleared the heads with a fine north east breeze.

Gippland Times, 3/5/1878:
Wilson's promontory 2 May - ASCALON, barque, London-Sydney, 83 days out.

Sydney Morning Herald, 21/1/1879:
London 17 Jan. - arrived ASCALON, barque, from Sydney 14 Oct.

Glasgow Herald, 14/03/1879:
Steamer CONSUL ashore at Coalhouse Point, Thames, with hole in side, having collided with barque ASCALON for Melbourne. Latter lost bowsprit and jib boom.

S. Australian Chronicle (Adelaide), 3/1/1880:
London 23 Dec. - arrived ASCALON, from Melbourne 2 Oct.

Leeds Mercury, 10/02/1881:
Great fire in Victoria Docks [London] - (in one of tobacco warehouses and fanned by high wind). Barque ASCALON and cargo seriously damaged by fire and water.

Adelaide Observer, 4/3/1882:
London 25 Feb. - arrived ASCALON, from Port Adelaide 14 Nov. (at Calais)

S. Australian Advertiser, 17/2/1883:
London, 13 Feb. - ASCALON, from Port Augusta 1 Nov.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 28/01/1885:
ASCALON passed east of Dungeness in tow for London from Adelaide on 26 Jan.

S. Australian Advertiser, 15/8/1885:
ASCALON, 986 tons, W. H. Duguid master, cleared Adelaide 14 Aug. for London via Port Augusta.

S. Australian Advertiser, 12/10/1885:
Port Augusta, 10 Oct - ASCALON sailed for London, taking 4799 bales wool valued at £51,022; also 5134 cakes copper and 825 bags copper ore from Wallaroo.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 10/01/1888:
ASCALON, Adelaide for London, arrived at Stanley, Falklands Islands, with Master sick. ASCALON went ashore on entering Stanley, but afterwards refloated. Divers report forefoot knocked aft, false keel gone and copper chafed.

Sydney Mail, 5/10/1889:
Barque, ASCALON, the first vessel laden with wool from the colony this season, has sailed for London.

Liverpool Mercury, 03/03/1890:
ASCALON passed Dungeness 1 March in tow (Adelaide - London).

Melbourne Argus, 10/7/1891:
ASCALON arrived 9 July from Frederick - Stadt with cargo of planed boards. Although sailing under Norwegian flag, was one of the crack sailing clippers of George Thomson & Co., well known in Melbourne & Sydney. Her Aberdeen build cannot easily be disguised, but wear and tear incidental to 23 years of close and constant work has not been without effect on her appearance. Sailed from Frederick Stadt 10 March and arrived Adelaide 30 June. Left Adelaide 2 July for Melbourne. Moderate winds to Cape Otway, the strong W & NW winds until arrival at the heads, where detained by strong northerly winds.

Sydney Morning Herald, 24/8/1891:
The wooden barque ASCALON arrived from Melbourne yesterday. She reports being 20 miles off Sydney heads on last Sunday week, having made a splendid run round the coast. Then the wind shifted suddenly to WSW and to W and blew squalls driving her almost half way over to New Zealand. Terrific westerly squalls, heavy thunder and lightning and high seas made it impossible to head up for port.
Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co)
length 210 11/12' x breadth 34 5/12' x depth 20 7/12'
Gross Tonnage: 998 tons (938 tons according to Lloyd's)

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