Official Number
Date of Build/Launch: June 1856
Owner: J. Forbes

Description: 1 deck and a break, 2 masts, brig rigged, square stern, carvel built, no galleries, female figurehead.

Subscribing Owner:
John Forbes, shipowner, Stonehaven.

Registered Port: Stonehaven

Master A. Milne
Voyage Aberdeen-Archangel

16/6/58: John Forbes dies, Margaret Thomson or Forbes, Stonehaven (widow) appointed sole executor.
28/9/58: Margaret Forbes sells. James Forbes, Stonehaven (tailor and draper), Hugh Forbes, Stonehaven (tailor and draper), George Forbes, Edinburgh (tailor and clothier) and Alexander Forbes, Edinburgh (writer) (Joint Owners) 9 shares. William Mackie Senior, (merchant) 15 shares. John Falconer, Stonehaven (writer) 6 shares. Andrew Milne, Stonehaven (shipmaster) 4 shares. Hugh Forbes, Stonehaven (tailor & draper) 4 shares. James Forbes, Stonehaven (tailor & draper) 4 shares. William Caird, Stonehaven (tailor) 2 shares. Hugh Ramsey, Stonehaven (draper) 2 shares. William Mackie Junior, Stonehaven (accountant) 2 shares. James Anderson, Stonehaven (meal dealer) 1 share. Alexander William Torry, Stonehaven (watchmaker) 1 share. James Torry, Stonehaven (teacher) 1 share. Rose Young Forbes or Warden, Stonehaven (widow of the late Robert Warden, Custom House Officer) 1 share. George Thomson, Temple Bank, Auchenblae (contractor) 2 shares. Robert Duthie, Aberdeen (shipowner) 4 shares. David MacDonald, 8 South Constitution Street, Aberdeen (agent) 2 shares. Robert Brown, Aberdeen (timber merchant) 2 shares. Alexander Forbes, Edinburgh (writer) 1 shares.
1/10/58: Robert Duthie sells 4 shares to Andrew Milne, Stonehaven (shipmaster)
20/7/60: James Forbes sells 2 shares to James Crockatt, Stonehaven (writer)
1861: Master A M'Urice; Voyage Newcastle-New York
21/7/61: William Mackie Junior dies intestate. William Mackie, Stonehaven (shipowner inherits shares.
12/5/62: James Anderson sells 1 share to Robert Torry, Stonehaven (flesher).
23/10/62: James Crockatt sells 2 shares to James Forbes, Stonehaven (tailor and draper).
1865: Master A. Milne; Owner J. Inglis; Aberdeen-Baltic
13/6/69: This registry opened: James Greig Souter, Stonehaven (banker) 24 shares. Andrew Milne, Aberdeen (shipmaster) 40 shares.
1870: Owner A. Milne; Voyage Aberdeen-Huelva (Spain)
1871: Voyage Aberdeen-Mediterranean
1872: Voyage Aberdeen-France
1873: Voyage Aberdeen-Spain
5/11/77: James Greig mortgages 24 shares for £295.15/- with interest at 5% to: - John Duthie, Alexander Duthie and Robert Duthie, Aberdeen (shipbuilders).
9/2/78: Mortgage discharged.
23/2/78: Andrew Milne mortgages 40 shares for £514.7.6 with interest at 3% to: - John Duthie, Alexander Duthie and Robert Duthie, Aberdeen (shipbuilders).
1878: Master A. Edwards
5/11/79: 05.11.1879 Mortgage transferred to James Grieg.
16/12/80: 64 shares sold to James Archibald, Treasurer of the Shipmasters Society of Aberdeen.
1881: Master W. Ainslie; Owner J. Archibald
12/1/82: Registry cancelled, vessel missing for last five weeks.

Note: Registered in Lloyd's as AGNESS and in Duthie's list as AGNES. Lloyd's reverts to AGNES after 1858.

Registration cancelled 12th Jan 1882, vessel missing for 5 weeks.
(Source: Aberdeen Shipping Register (Aberdeen City Archives))

Aberdeen Press and Journal, 11/6/1856:
Launch - On Wednesday afternoon, there was launched from the building yard of Messrs Duthie, Footdee, a handsome clipper brig the 'AGNES' of 238 tons builder's measurement. Dimensions; length of keel 101 and a half feet, breadth of beam 22 feet 7 inches, depth of hold 10 and a half feet. The AGNES has been built for Mr Forbes, and others, of Stonehaven.
length 104.2' x breadth 22.6' x depth 13.7'
gross tonnage 199 tons

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