Yard Number: 160

Registered Glasgow
Builder's List: Contract £4,642

1848/49: Master Crichton
1850/51: Voyage Aberdeen-China
1852: Master B. Wilson; Owner Falkland Island Co.; Registered Falkland Islands; Voyage Liverpool-Rio de Janeiro
1853: Voyage Liverpool-Falkland Islands
1856: Owners Ivens & Co.; Registered Bristol; Voyage Liverpool-Falkland Islands
1857/8/9: Master Wainwright; Owner Geller & Co.; Registered Bristol; Voyage Bristol-Mediterranean.
1861/2: Master Fitzsimonds; Owner Watson & Co.; Registered Liverpool; Voyage Liverpool-S. America
1863/5/6: Master Valentine
1870: No mention in Registers.

Aberdeen Journal, 24/02/1847:
Launch - launched from building yard of Alexander Hall & Sons a fine 12 year clipper schooner named AMELIA, built expressly for Buchanan, Hamilton & Co. of Glasgow. This schooner, for neatness of rigging and elegance of model, has not been surpassed by any vessel built at this port.

Liverpool Mercury, 14/08/1849:
Dreadful mutiny and murders on board the AMELIA of Glasgow - AMELIA chartered to carry £64,000 of gold and silver Mexico - Hong Kong. Most of crew non British. Mutiny broke out about 2am 3 Oct. 1838. Three of crew stabbed Second Mate (Officer of Watch), supercargo and a passenger to death and forced remainder of crew to surrender. Capt. MacNally, trapped in his cabin, would at first not surrender. Then he made a deal with the mutineers that he would show them their course if he was allowed to take away in the gig two women aboard (the murdered passenger's wife and her maid). Captain gave them course, but was then murdered and thrown overboard. Mutineers distributed the gold among the crew, found the wine and became intoxicated. Next night loyal members of crew, led by Jan Smit, fell upon mutineers in the dark and killed them. Vessel reached Honolulu 12 Oct. All loyal members of crew brought to cabin money which had been distributed to them and it was taken charge of by British Consul. Jan Smit has been presented with £1100 and valuable sextant by insurance companies.

Glasgow Herald, 07/02/1851:
Died of fever on board schooner AMELIA, on voyage San Francisco - Valparaiso [Chile], Captain Robert Kerr, late of the Levenside, of Greenock.
A. HALL & Co.
Buchanan, Hamilton & Co.
length 101.7' x breadth 20.2' x depth 13.1'
gross tonnage 149 tons (in Lloyd's Register as 240 tons)

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