Description: 1 flush deck, 2 masts, brig rigged, standing bowsprit, square stern, carvel built, no galleries, male bust figurehead. Ships Master in 1824 Alexander Lawson.
Subscribing Owners: Robert Catto, 20 shares; William Catto, 12 shares; John Catto Jnr., 4 shares; all Aberdeen Merchants.
Other Owners: George Thomson, 4 shares; John Catto, 12 shares; William Pirie, 4 shares; William Donald, 4 shares; William Donald Jnr., 4 shares; all Aberdeen Merchants.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

1827-28: Master A. Lawson; Owner Catto & Co.; Voyage Belfast - Quebec
1828-29: Master A. Lawson; Owner Catto & Co.; Voyage London
1830-33: Master A. Lawson; Owner Catto & Co.; Voyage Falmouth - New York
1839: No trace in Lloyd's Register
(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)

Master 1834 given as Alexander Smith

See also 'The Surname Archive of England' which gives a list of passengers, who boarded at Aberdeen, arriving at the Port of New York on 19th May 1834. All are shown as belonging to Great Britain and intending to become inhabitants of the United States. The list gives details of the 72 passengers - name, age, sex and occupation.

Caledonian Mercury, 13/9/1824:
Greenock, 13 Sept. MARIA, arrived from St. John's, Newfoundland, spoke brig ATLANTIC, from Aberdeen to Miramichi, New Brunswick, 27th August, Lat. 47.36, Long. 35.44 (mid Atlantic off St. John's).

Caledonian Mercury, 22/12/1828:
HERCULES arrived Aberdeen from New York. Only British vessel there was brig ATLANTIC, Lawson, of Aberdeen, loading for Liverpool.

Aberdeen Journal, 11/2/1829:
For New York - The fine A1 coppered brig ATLANTIC, Captain Milne, will be despatched March. Freight rates and passage fares from John Catto, Son & Co., 39 King Street. [DO, 11/3/1829: Will be dispatched about 23 March.]

Belfast Newsletter, 2/11/1830:
22 Sept, brig ATLANTIC, from Belfast, spoken 40 miles below Quebec.

Aberdeen Journal, 10/8/1831:
For New York - Fine coppered brig ATLANTIC, Alex Smith master is expected to arrive here in about 10 days to take the berth for New York and will be despatched as soon thereafter as possible. John Catto, Son & Co. [DO, 14/3/1832: To be despatched early April. Excellent accommodation for cabin and steerage passengers. Captain Smith is well known in the trade.]

Aberdeen Journal, 25/12/1833:
Having been longer detained on her last voyage to New York, will not be again despatched from this port until early March.

Aberdeen Journal, 4/11/1835:
For sale by public roup at Lemon Tree Tavern, Aberdeen, 6 November...4/66ths of brig ATLANTIC.

DO, 18/11/1835:
For sale by private bargain/sealed offers, entry for purchasers at commencement of present voyage, having rights to freights due on these shares for present voyage. Purchasers to have right to current insurance policies on paying proportion of premiums.
length 84 9/12' x breadth 24 3/12' x depth 16'
Registered Tonnage: 216 ton

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