Yard Number: 170

Owner: Brandies, Liverpool

Builder's List:
Contract £6,056 - £15 per ton.

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1850: Owners Brandies; Port belonging to Liverpool; Master McGrath; Ship; Destined voyage Aberdeen-New South Wales.
1851: Barque.
1853: Owners Elkin & Son; Port belonging to London; Master A. Overbry.
1854: Destined voyage London-Australia.
1855: Destined voyage London-Australia.
1856: No reference.

Perth Gazette, 12 March 1852 (re Australian Gold Rush):
'... emigration to Victoria from South Australia continuing on most gigantic scale... so difficult was it to obtain a crew for any other place than Melbourne that only one wool ship, the Benjamin Elkin, had left for England, whose crew wages were paid of from £50 to £60 each before heaving the anchor'.

The Courier, Hobart, 9 March 1854:
'Shipwrecks at Port Fairy (Victoria) - The gales of Sunday last produced disastrous results at Port Fairy. Three fine barques (of which Benjamin Elkin one) were blown ashore and have become total wrecks. The Benjamin Elkin was fully loaded and cleared out for London. Her cargo consisted of 1190 bales of wool and three casks of tallow. We have no information of loss of life. Portions of the cargoes will no doubt be saved'.
(Source: http://ndpbeta.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/home - Australian Newspapers Online)

* Note: Despite Hobart Courier's report that BENJAMIN ELKIN was one of "three fine barques" blown ashore and become total wrecks 5/3/1854 at Port Fairy, Victoria, she appears to have been salvaged in view of the following report (apparently the same ship):-

Glasgow Herald, 27 July 1855:
Accounts from Mazatlan (Pacific Coast of Mexico) announce considerable destruction of British shipping by a severe gale 15th June. In the night a violent south wind arose, the storm became furious, the craft became unmanageable, were brought into violent collision with one another, six of the vessels were nearly entirely destroyed and 23 of crews drowned. The cargoes lost are estimated at above 1 million dollars. Vessels lost include the British ship BENJAMIN ELKIN, from Liverpool, with a return cargo of iron and copper, 2 of crew being drowned.

WRECKED Mazatlan, Mexico / 15 June 1855
A. HALL & Co.
length 136.1' x breadth 23.4' x depth 16.2'
gross tonnage 367 tons

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