Official Number
Registered in Aberdeen 25 May 1875
Schooner rigged steamer. Estimated Horse Power 75.

Owner: Messrs. Adam & Co.
Master: Captain Cook

Description: One deck, two masts, schooner rigged, round stern, clencher built, no gallery, no figurehead, iron framework.
Engine: Steam by screw, compound, inverted, condensing, 23 and one half inches by 40 inches with 30 inch stroke, 75h.hp. by Hall Russell & Co., Aberdeen.

Initial owners:
Thomas Adam, John Birnie Adam, Thomas Adam Jnr. Alexander Chivas Adam all shipowners of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (64 shares jointly owned). Subsequent sales of small shares to Alexander Davidson (Advocate, Aberdeen) 20 July 1875; George Fyfe (merchant, Aberdeen) 29 April 1876.

(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

5/5/1875: Launched. Named by Mrs. Cook, mother of the vessel's master.
5/7/1875: Joint owners sell 4 shares to Alexander Davidson, advocate, Aberdeen; 2 shares to John Milne, manager, Aberdeen & 4 shares to George Fyfe, shipowner, Aberdeen.

Wrecked near Cross Island, White Sea, 14 June 1876.

Aberdeen Press & Journal, 12/5/1875:
Launch of a Steamer - A beautifully modelled vessel, the latest addition to the fleet owned by Messrs Adam & Company, was successfully launched from the building yard to Messrs John Duthie, Sons & Company, Footdee, on Wednesday, the ceremony of naming her the ABOYNE being performed by Mrs Cook, the captain's mother. The dimensions of the this vessel are as follows: Length, 183ft 6in; breadth moulded, 26ft; depth, 14ft 9in; carrying capacity, about 800 tons. She will be fitted with compound engines by Messrs Hall, Russell, & Company, and will have all the latest improvements both in hull and machinery. She is double riveted throughout, and specially strengthened beyond the requirements of Lloyd's. The ABOYNE is the fourth vessel built by the Messrs Duthie for the same firm, and we understand is intended for general trades, probably proceeding on her first voyage to Archangel, under the command of Captain Alexander Cook, late of the S.S. DON, belonging to the same firm.

Aberdeen Journal, 21/6/1876:
'Telegram received from British consul in Archangel that steamer Aboyne, belonging to this port, had gone ashore in consequence of ice and fog off Cross Island. Captain feared she would become total wreck, fore hold being full of water...Aboyne left Archangel on 14th inst. with cargo of oats for Aberdeen...she is commanded by Captain Cook.'

Aberdeen Press & Journal, 28/6/1875:
The Wreck of the Steamer Aboyne - Messrs Adam & Co. of Aberdeen, have received a telegram from Archangel, stating that their steamship ABOYNE, which went ashore a few days ago on Cross Island, had become a total wreck. The crew had arrived safely at Archangel, and will be brought home immediately on the CAMERATA, another steamer belonging to the Messrs Adam, which is presently at that port.
Adam & Company, Aberdeen
length 184' 2" x breadth 26' 2" x depth 15' 2"
tonnage 434 tons

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