Built of wood with copper sheathing.
Registered in Aberdeen as No: 30 in 1814. Re-registered at Barbados as No: 38 in 1817

1819: Master A. Hearne and A. Hume, owned by Hayes & Co. Route Liverpool to Barbados.
1820: Master A. Hume and D. Balberny, managed by J. Roose. Route Liverpool to Brazil.
1821: Master Balberny and W. Morse, owned by J. Roose.
1822: Master W. Morse, owned by J. Roose. Route Bristol to Newport.
1823: Master W. Morse, owner J. Roose (sic). Route Liverpool to Jamaica.

No mention in Lloyd's after 1823.

Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping

Caledonian Mercury, 2/3/1818:
Aberdeen, 28 Feb. - The brig ADELPHI. Garvie, of Aberdeen, which was driven onshore in the hurricane of 21 October at Barbados, was taken off on 8 November and a considerable part of her repairs was effected. But, as the master could not raise money to complete them, she was sold on 1 December by order of the attorney. General to pay expenses.

Lloyd's Register, 1820:
ADELPHI, brig, Master A. Hume/D. Ballberny, 122 gross tonnage, registered Aberdeen, owners Heyes 7 Co./J. Roose, destined voyage Liverpool-Barbados.

Liverpool Mercury, 26/10/1821:
For sale, freight or charter, brig ADELPHI, William Morse master, 122 tons per register, built Aberdeen 1814, had recently had very expensive overhaul and sheathed to the bends with heavy copper. Her standing rigging is in good order; fitted with an iron chain cable; sails fast; stows a great cargo and of an easy draught of water; a most desirable vessel where her size is suitable. Owner will exchange her for one of larger class, paying any fair difference. Apply on board or to John Roose, Bid Street.

Lloyd's Register, 1823: [Last entry]
Master W Morse, Owner J. Roose, destined voyage, Liverpool-Jamaica.
length 68 1/6' x breadth 20 5/6' x depth 11 7/12'
Registered Tonnage: 122 ton

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