Official Number
Yard Number: 271
Launched August 1892

Subsequent Names: ST OLA II

Master 1892: R Robertson
Port of Registry: Aberdeen
Route: Pentland Firth (Stromness - Scrabster)

Aberdeen Journal 1897 Advertisement shows Stromness - Scrabster service called at Kirkwall (Scapa), Hoy and South Ronaldsay and occasionally called at Wick instead of Scrabster.

4th July 1936 - grounded on Hunda and off service for one week.

April 1937 - North of Scotland & Orkney & Shetland Steam Navigation Co. declined invitation to participate in Coronation review off Spithead. Her master, Capt. George B. Swanson had been, at that time, in command of her for 26 years and had earlier been Mate and Seaman onboard as well.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 4/4/1892
Mail steamer ST. OLA daily (Sunday excepted) leaved Stromness 9:30am, Scapa 11am and touches at Hoxa, S. Ronaldsay, on voyage to Scrabster, except Saturdays 2, 16 + 30. when sails to Thurso. Leaves Scrabster same evening at 6pm, or immediately after receiving Orkney mails, direct for Scapa. [Same timetable advertised summer and winter till 1898]

Glasgow Herald, 21/11/1893:
Effects of the storm - Telegram from Aberdeen states steamer ST. CLAIR was brought to anchor, steam up and either dragged or parted anchor chain and was put on sandy beach.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 12/2/1894:
Renewed snow storm - Very boisterous weather in Orkney, ST. OLA lying in bay at Kirkwall unable to take the harbour or land passengers or mails.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 29/12/1894:
Stromness harbour board - Long letter from Mr. Merrylees, manager of North of Scotland Company, complaining that a special berth had not been provided for mail steamer ST. OLA and as to tonnage duties.

Glasgow Herald, 11/2/1895:
Prolonged snow blocks on Caithness railway line have brought steamer ST. OLA to Invergordon with and for mail etc. Twice this winter - a very rare thing in modern times, although in olden times it was of frequent occurrence.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 26/2/1895:
Heavy snow plough brought from Invergordon by steamer ST. OLA. It helped clear 11 days block on railway line from Wick.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 6-7/12/1895:
Storm of wind and snow - Steamer ST. OLA to Wick instead of Scrabster.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 29/2/1896:
Storm of wind and snow - Steamer ST. OLA unable to cross Pentland Firth.

Dundee Courier, 27/2/1897:
Because of storm, steamer ST. OLA, with the mails, which was at Scapa all night, proceeded to Scrabster yesterday morning, where she lies, Captain considering sea in Pentland Firth too heavy, Kirkwall thus without mails since Saturday night.

Morning Post, 26/1/1899:
£200 awarded to ST. OLA for helping in salvage of new Manchester liner MANCHESTER CITY, which met with accident to her steering gear on maiden voyage. (£1400 to lifeboat men)
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
North of Scotland & Orkney & Shetland Steam Navigation Company
length 135 1/3' x breadth 22 1/12' x depth 11 3/6'
Gross Tonnage: 258 ton

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