Official Number
Yard Number: 312

Engine Details: Steam by screw, triple expansion, 12" x 20" x 33" with 23" stroke, by W.V.V. Lidgerwood, Coatbridge. 1 S.B. boiler, 2 p.f. furnaces with 1259 square foot heating area and 180ps.i.

1910: Reported to have suffered an explosion in Lisbon while on hire to Portuguese owners of 14th Feb.
August 1914: Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper, Admiralty number 65.
1918: Owners Penguin Steam Trawling Co. Ltd, Scarborough as of 20th June.
1919: Returned to owners. Fisheries number A183.
1920: Sold to A Robb, Aberdeen.
1925/26: According to Lloyd's Register of Shipping, this vessel is still named ABOYNE and owned by A. Robb Sen.
1930: Owners NV Stoomv Maats Neerlandia II (E. Kluijver, manager), Kooga aan de Zaan, Holland. Renamed LIBRA.
1940: On hire to Admiralty (Ad. No. FY867), minesweeper.
1943: Transferred to Royal Dutch Navy on 22nd March.
1945: Returned to owners.
1952: Scrapped.

Aberdeen Press and Journal, 15/2/1910:
The Explosion on an Aberdeen Trawler - A Lisbon telegram reports an explosion of fire damp aboard the British steamer ABOYNE, in the Tagus, which tore a hole in the deck of the vessel. The ABOYNE sank. Nine sailors were injured, five seriously. On inquiry at the local agents yesterday - Messrs Smith, Jameson and Holmes - it was ascertained that the only information received by them was to the effect that an explosion had occurred, blowing up the decks. The sailing master in an Aberdeen man named Frederick Brown. The mate also belongs to Aberdeen. The remainder of the crew, it is understood, are Portuguese. The ABOYNE was recently chartered by a Lisbon firm.

Aberdeen Press and Journal, 17/2/1910:
The Explosion on the Trawler ABOYNE: Has the Vessel Sunk? - Messrs Smith, Jameson and Holmes, the Aberdeen agents for the trawler ABOYNE, on which an explosion occurred at Lisbon last week, have received a number of brief messages from the sailing master, Frederick Brown, but in contradiction of the report that the vessel had sunk, no mention is made in any of them of such an occurrence. Late on Monday evening a message was received in Aberdeen giving an estimate of the damage done, and the figure was so low that, were the estimate accurate, it absolutely precludes any possibility of the report that the vessel had sunk being correct. As there are several matters involved, no definite statement can be obtained at present from Lisbon.
Caledonia S T Co. Ltd, A183
length 116.2' x breadth 21.9' x depth 12.2'
registered tonnage 233 tons

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