Official Number
Yard Number: 250
Registered in Aberdeen 4 May 1889

Subsequent Names: DOMALD (Donald?), BOLTENNOF, APIS

Screw steamer, brigantine riggged
1 deck, 2 masts, steel cargo vessel
Engines, 1 set triple expansion direct acting surface condensing, estimated horsepower 200

Crew space: upper forecastle; seamen, boatswain, carpenter; poop deck - Chief Officer, 2nd & 3rd Officers, bridge space - Chief Engineer, 2nd & 3rd Engineer, cook, messroom.

Initial owners: The Adam Steamship Company Ltd. Thomas Adam Jnr., Manager.

1890-91: W. Stephen
1894-97: W. Wilson
1897-98: W. Guyan

16 April 1898: Sold to Swedish owners Angf. Aktieb Suithiod, A. Carlsen manager; Port of Registry Gothenburg, Sweden; Renamed DOMALD (Donald?).
1918-19: Manager H. Metcalfe.
1920-21: Owned by Rederlaktieb Svenska Lloyd, manager H. Metcalfe; Registered Gothenburg.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 06/05/1889:
S.S. ALFORD, launched 3 weeks ago, went out on Saturday to the bay on trial trip, prior to leaving for Shields en route to Alexandria. She has steam steering gear, steam winches and windlass, crane for lifting anchors and all most approved appliances for loading and discharging cargo and navigating the vessel. Accommodation for Captain, Chief Officer and a limited number of passengers is under half poop. Engineers' berths and messroom are in after end and crew, firemen etc. are accommodated in top gallant forecastle. Vessel headed for Newburgh and engines worked very smoothly, attaining speed of 11 knots easily, luncheon was served and a number of toasts pledged, after which she sailed under experienced and capable officer Capt. Stephen (late of Altmore) to load coals for Alexandria.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 19/12/1889:
S.S. ALFORD is ashore below Galatz [River Danube]. Tug will go to her from Galatz if state of river allows.

Glasgow Herald, 17/12/1897:
Gibralter, 16 Dec. - British steamer ALFORD, Kustendje for Hull, has glands of main steam pipe leaky.

Lloyds Register, 1923-14:
Owners of Apis - registered as "Albis Allgemeine Verkehrs-u-Handels G.M.B.H (Hamburg, Germany)". In 1925, owned by H.J. Brummer (Paetz & Co.).

Abandoned at sea, February 1926, Lloyds Register, Hamburg.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Adam & Company, Aberdeen
length 270' 2" x breadth 37' x depth 17' 8"
Gross Tonnage: 1899 ton

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