Date of Build/Launch: June 1827

1 deck, 2 masts, brigantine rigged, standing bowsprit, square stern, carvel built, no galleries or figurehead
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Ships, Register 1 (CE87/11/5))

02.07.1827: Aberdeen Registry opened, No. 36 in 1827,
Subscribing Owners:
Robert Spring, Aberdeen, Baker, 16 shares;
George Rennie, Aberdeen, Shipmaster, 16 shares;
William Spark, Aberdeen, Watchmaker, 4 shares.
Other Shareholders:
George Cruickshank, Aberdeen, Clerk, 4 shares;
Alexander Fletcher, Mill Place, Hampshire, Merchant 8 shares;
John Young, Mill Place, Hampshire, Merchant, 8 shares;
Rodger Watson, Sunderland, Merchant, 8 shares.

George Rennie - Master 1827

03.08.1830: George Rennie mortgages 20 shares in security for £600 to George Yates, Aberdeen (advocate).
04.09.1830: Robert Spring sells 4 shares to John Williamson, Aberdeen (flesher).
22.10.1832: This registry opened, No. 41 in 1832.
William Spark, Aberdeen (watchmaker) 4 shares;
Robert Spring, Aberdeen (merchant) 28 shares;
George Rennie, Aberdeen (shipmaster), mortgaged as above, 20 shares;
Watson Harvey, Edinburgh (one of the managers of the British Linen Banking Company of Edinburgh), 4 shares;
Roger Watson, Sunderland (merchant), 8 shares
26.09.1833: John Williamson, deceased. Executors sell 4 shares to William Spark.
18.11.1834: Roger Watson sells 8 shares to Joseph Shevill, agent of Edward Richardson, Bishop Wearmouth, Durham (ship and insurance broker).
02.03.1835: George Rennie discharges mortgage.
21.04.1935: John Beecroft of Holm Lands & Joseph Shevill, agents of Edward Richardson sell 8 shares to Robert Kay, Ormsby, York.
05.07.1837: Registry closed, vessel totally lost. (faed entry in Register, date tentative).
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

1830-33: Master G. Rennie; Owner Spring & Co.; Voyage Leith - S. Dav.
1836: Master G. Rennie; Owner R. Spring; Aberdeen - Ptrsbg, Aberdeen - Southampton
1837: No record in Lloyd's.
1839: No trace in Lloyd's.
(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)

Aberdeen Journal, 28/11/1832:
Cargo of Peareth's Wallsend Coals has just arrived per brig ALFRED, Capt. Rennie. Apply to Capt. Rennie aboard vessel at upper quay opposite Sugar House.

Last record in AJ Shipping Intelligence:
15.08.1836: Rennie master. Sailed from St Petersburg for Aberdeen.

James Thornton, Aberdeen
length 76.5' x breadth 22.4' x depth 13.7'
gross tonnage 165 tons

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