Official Number
Yard Number: 175

Launched March 1871
Registered at Aberdeen 9 May 1871

1 deck, 2 masts, schooner rigged, round stern, clench built no gallery, no figurehead, iron framework.
2 engines, compound surface condensing, inverted cylinders, direct acting. Estimated horse power 110.
Crew space; topgallant forecastle space for 1st mate, 2nd mate, carpenter, cook & steward, 1st engineer.

Initial joint owners; Thomas Adam, John Birnie Adam, Thomas Adam Jnr., Alexander Chivas Adam. By February 1873 the Adams owned 48/64 shares with the largest minority shareholder being James William Barclay with 6 shares.

Owners on 14/6/1887:
John Birnie Adam, Thomas Adam Jnr., Alexander Chivas Adam (joint owners of 24 shares), George Hepburn, engineer, Liverpool (2 shares), Alexander Hector Taylor, shipmaster, Aberdeen (2 shares), Charles Cook, innkeeper, Ballater (2 shares), Alexander Davidson, advocate, Desswood (4 shares), Mary Greig or Smith, widow, Aberdeen (2 shares), George Fyfe, merchant, Aberdeen (2 shares), Andrew Baxter Buyers, marine engineer, Aberdeen (1 share), Jane Baxter or Buyers, widow, Aberdeen (1 share), John Cardno Couper, landed proprietor, Craigiebuckler (4 shares), Thomas Adam, banker, Aberdeen (4 shares), John Crombie, manufacturer, Granholm (2 shares), John Birnie Adam, shipowner, Aberdeen (2 shares), Jane Milne or Fyfe, widow, Aberdeen (1 shares), Elsie Douglas Milne, spinster, Aberdeen (1 share), David Littlejohn, advocate, Aberdeen (2 shares), David McHardy, ironmonger, Aberdeen (1 share), Mary McHardy, spinster, Aberdeen (1 share), Alexander Burness McHardy, HM Corps of Royal Engineers, London (2 shares), George Collie, advocate, Aberdeen (2 shares), James Pitkethly, Glasgow, Rev. James Robertson, Edinburgh, John Baird Smith, Glasgow & Michael Johnston, Glasgow - joint owners of 2 shares.

Engine Details:
Steam by screw, two, compound, surface condensing, 28 and half inches by 51 inches, with 33 inch stroke. Tripled by HR in 1887 by addition of 17" h.p. cylinder. H.P. and L.P. cylinders in tandem.
Compound Iron boiler - 11' diameter, 6x10" furnaces, 1444ft squared heating area, length 12' 5 and a half ".
Triple steel boiler: 14' diameter, length 10' 4", 163ps.i. 3x6 and one quarter inch corrugated furnaces.
Propeller: diameter 14'7", cast iron, 4 bladed.

Master A H Taylor, port of survey Aberdeen, destined voyage Baltic.

1872-73: Surveyed Newcastle; Baltic route.
1873-74: Masters A H Taylor & R. Baxter; Surveyed Newcastle & Aberdeen; Routes Baltic & Spain.
1884-85: 2 cylinders.
1885-86: Master D. Profit.
1890-91: Master A. Mowat.
1894-95: Master J. Strachan.
1895-96: Master M. P. Cormack; New owner N. K. Streyberg (Danish); Port of Registry Aalborg. Renamed KNUD 1896.
1898-99: 3 cylinders.

As KNUD lost at mouth of Tyne by collision 20 November 1902 on voyage Tyne-Valencia with coal and coke, after colliding with the S.S. SWALEDALE

Aberdeen Journal, 20/09/1871:
Screw steamer ABERDEEN has been unusually quick in the round from Shields to Cronstadt and from Constadt to London, the whole time over the voyage being only 25 days, the run out with 1350 tins coal being done in 5 days, 21 hours, giving average speed 9 knots. The run back (including detention of 7 hrs) was done in 6 days 1 hr. i.e. 9.5 knots and on consumption of 11½ tons coal per day.

Aberdeen Journal, 10/11/1875:
Steamer ABERDEEN, belonging to Adam & Co., arrived in Aberdeen Bay from Carthagena with cargo of esparto grass and lead, for Aberdeen and latter for Newcastle. Passage 9 days, nearly 3 less than usual for voyage.

Northern Echo, 17/04/1876:
Screw steamer ABERDEEN, of Aberdeen, Capt. Baxter, has arrived Shields from Carthagena. Captain reports that off Lisbon, about 5a.m., 7 April, weather foggy and going dead slow, he heard a fog horn on port bow and almost immediately cries for assistance. Steamer was at once stopped, when it was found ABERDEEN had struck a fishing boat and cut her down to water's edge. Measures were at once taken to save the crew, one man got hold of a rope that was thrown and got aboard the steamer. Rest of crew managed to get their own boat out before fishing boat sank. They were taken aboard the steamer and afterwards transferred to another fishing vessel.

Newcastle Courant. 08/12/1876:
Screw steamer THORNBOROUGH, proceeding down Shields Harbour, collided with screw steamer ABERDEEN, which has come out of Tyne Dock, and did damage to ABERDEEN'S stern. Almost immediately screw steamer NORTHUMBRIA coming down river, similarly collided with ABERDEEN'S stern and did much damage. Stern and steering apparatus of ABERDEEN were completely smashed in to distance of 10 or 12 ft.

Newcastle Courant, 08/06/1877:
In Admiralty Division of High Court, action brought by owners of THORNBOROUGH and NORTHUMBRIA against owners of ABERDEEN after collision in Tyne was continued. ABERDEEN was pronounced alone to blame for collision.

Exeter Flying Post, 16/12/1893:
Scarborough trawler LORD CLYDE collided when 15 miles east of Scarborough with screw steamer ABERDEEN. LORD CLYDE sank within 10 minutes and 4 men were rescued under difficult circumstances.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Adam & Company, Aberdeen
length 230 7/12' x breadth 30 1/12' x depth 17 1/12'
gross tonnage 1077 ton

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