Owner: Gibbon & Co.

1818/19: Master J. Struthers; Voyage Leith - Sunderland.
1820: Master Harrison; Voyage London - Rio de Janeiro.
1821: Voyage Liverpool - Jamaica.
1822: Master Harrison (beneath that J. Walton).
1823: Master J. Walton; Owner C. Walton; Voyage London - Buenos Aires.
1824/25: Voyage Liverpool - Lima.
1826: Owner J. Walton; Voyage Liverpool - Lima, London - Jamaica.
1827: Owner C. Walton; Voyage London - Jamaica.
1828: Master J. Flett; Voyage London - Rio de Janeiro.
1830: Master J. Fell; Voyage London - Newfoundland.
1830/31: Master H. Dinon; Owner Brown & Co.
1831/32/33: Voyage Yarmouth - North (North Shields?)
1839/40: Master T. Crow; Owner J. & G. Carr; Registered Berwick; Voyage Berwick - Memel (Lithuania) now - Klaipeda; Tonnage 193.
1841: Master T. Crow; Owner J. & G. Carr; Registered Berwick; Voyage Berwick - Memel (Lithuania) now - Klaipeda; Tonnage 193.
1843/44: Master T. Smith; Owner W. Smith; Registered Blyth; Voyage Blyth - London.
1845/46: Voyage Blyth - Honfleur.
1847/48: Voyage Blyth - Le Havre.
1849: Described as Blyth Coaster.
1850/51: Master G. Ferrow; Voyage Blyth - Rouen.
1852: No voyage given. No further mention in Lloyd's Register after this date.
(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)

Exeter Flying Post, 9/9/1819:
Falmouth, 6/9/1819: Brig ATLAS, Harrison, from St. Domingo, with coffee and logwood for orders.

Newcastle Courant, 14/9/1835:
To be sold by auction at Hen & Chicken Inn, Berwick-upon-Tweed 19 November, brig ATLAS, of Berwick, 193 tons register, carries 13 and a half keels of coals at light draught of water, sails well, shifts without ballast, is well found with stores, was built at Aberdeen 1817, and was lengthened and had a complete and expensive repair in the river Tyne 1833. ATLAS no on the slipway of Berwick for examination by the underwriters, having received damage on her arrival in river Tyne.

The Standard, 25/5/1843:
Between 2 and 3 o'clock Sunday morning deeply laden collier from South Shields, brig ATLAS of about 180 tons, was run down by another collier, the MARION, while both tacking up the river Thames. MARION rand into ATLAS with tremendous force, cutting her bulwarks down to water's edge. ATLAS's crew scarcely had time to lower their stern boat into the water before vessel pitched forward and went down stern first. Crew and captain escaped, but were unable to save any property. The wreck of ATLAS is in mid channel. Unsuccessful efforts have been made to raise her and it may be necessary to blow her up. ATLAS and cargo said to be worth £800.
gross tonnage 154 tons

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