Yard Number: 842

Launched 23rd June 1955 by Mrs Stella Merz, wife of the late electrical engineer Charles Hesterman Merz (born Gateshead, 5th Oct. 1874- died London, 15th Oct.1940) co-founder of Merz & McLellan and a major figure in electric power supply including much work on the national grid and the first 'super power stations'.

Burntisland Shipbuilding Group Journal, Vol. 24 , no. 3 page 101:
'The steam collier "Charles H. Merz," built by Hall Russell & Co. Ltd., for the Central Electricity Authority, London, (managers - Stephenson Clarke, Ltd.), was launched on 23rd June, 1955. Intended for trading to the new Shoreham Harbour and the lower reaches of the River Thames, the "Charles H. Merz" is a single screw, self-trimming collierof 3,640 tons deadweight with raised quarter deck, raked stem, cruiser type stern machinery aft...
There are four separate holds suitable for grab discharge served by hatchways fitted with steel covers of combined rolling and pivoting type. Water ballast is carried in the double bottom, after peak tank, large fore peak tank and in a deep tank under the bridge.
The steam operated machinery includes a windlass, warping winch and a winch for operating the steel hatch covers. Steering gear is of electro-hydraulic type controlled from the bridge by telemotor gear.

All accommodation is of a high standard, the whole of the crew of 26 being berthed in single berth cabins, the walls of each being formed of plastic panels. The captain and officers are housed in the deckhouse amidshipson the lower bridge deck while the engineers' and petty officers' accommodation is arranged in the deckhouse aft on the poop deck. The seamen are berthed in cabins on the raised quarter deck with the firemen on the lower deck. Life-saving appliances to M.O.T. requirements wil include two woden lifeboats, one fitted with a motor and operated by mechanical davits; in addition a 14' dinghy will be carried...The propelling machinery is to be supplied by the North Eastern Marine Engineering Co. Ltd., Sunderland.'
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Central Electricity Generating Board, London
length 323' x breadth 43' x depth 20'
Gross Tonnage: 2947 ton

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