1 deck, 2 masts, brigantine rigged, standing bowsprit, square stern, carvel built, no figurehead, gross tonnage 156.

R. Duthie, 26/64
J. Philips, 4/64
A. Leslie, 4/64

Other Shareholders in 1826:
Alexander Duthie, Ruthrieston, 8 shares; Alexander Lon, Merchant, 4 shares; Cumming Laing, Merchant, 2 shares; John Dickie, Merchant, 2 shares; James Strachan, Bookbinder, 2 shares; Alexander Crombie, Advocate, 8 shares; Thomas Burnett, Advocate, 4 shares; Elizabeth Laird, Relic of the Deceased James Laird, Shipmaster, 4 shares; Barbara Gordon, Spinster, 1 share; Helen Gordon, Spinster, 1 share; all Aberdeen.

Master: Thomas Ninean

(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping 1814, No. 33 and Aberdeen Register of Shipping 1826, No. 28 (Aberdeen City Archives))

1815: Master A. Leslie; Owner Guthrie & Co.; Voyage London - Gothenburg
1816: Master A. Leslie; Owner Guthrie & Co.; Voyage London - Straits
1818: Master A. Leslie; Owner Guthrie & Co.; Voyage London - Venice
1819/20: Master A. Leslie; Owner Guthrie & Co.; Voyage Liverpool- Copenhagen
1821: Master A. Leslie; Owner Guthrie & Co.; Voyage Liverpool- Copenhagen
1822: Master J. Walker succeeded A. Leslie; Owner Duthie & Co.; Voyage London - Marseilles
1823/25: Master J. Walker; Owner Strachan & Co.; Voyage Liverpool - S. Dom?
1826: Master J. Walker; Owner Strachan & Co.; Voyage Liverpool - Copenhagen
1827/28: Master J. Walker; Owner Strachan & Co.; Voyage Liverpool - S. Dom?
1830: No trace
1831//32/33: Master M. Lamb; Owner Lamb & Co.; Exmouth Coaster
1839/40/41: Master G. Foster; Owner Clark & Co.; Registered Portsmouth; No voyage given. The ship is, according to the entry, a Sunderland built ship, but the year of build and the tonnage would suggest an error.
1843: Master Rayne; Owner E. R. Cole; Registered Rochester; Voyage Sunderland - Rochester.
1844/45: Master C. Billing; Owner G. Billing; Registered King's Lynn; Hartlepool Coaster. The ship is back to being recorded as Aberdeen built.
1846/47: Lynn Coaster.
1848: No voyage given.
1850: Lynn Coaster.
1851/52: Master J. Bullin; Owner C. Billing.
1853: Voyage King's Lynn - Baltic.
1856: Master J. Johnston; Owner R. Hoodless; No voyage.

(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)

Ship sold on 10 April 1829 to George and Matthew Lamb of Durham.

23 February 1853
The ABOYNE registered in Kings Lynn, built in 1814 in Aberdeen, now snow brig rigged, was stranded at Donna Nook, Tetney High Sand, near Grimsby. She was on a voyage from Kings Lynn to Hartlepool with six of a crew. She was lost in wind conditions N.N.E. Force 10. The hull and materials were sold locally for £65. Financial loss on the vessel was estimated at £935, but was insured for only £500.

(Source: Shipwreck Index of the British Isles, Volume 3, Richard & Bridget Larn)

Aberdeen Journal, 10/3/1824:
For St. John's, New Brunswick, fine sailing brig ABOYNE, Thos Ninian commander, will be ready to receive goods 1 March and will positively sail 15 March. For freight or passage apply Robert Duthie. [Repeated 4/8/1824]

Aberdeen Journal, 15/10/1828:
For sale, about 1000 barrels tar, daily expected by brig ABOYNE from Archangel. Robert Duthie.

Newcastle Courant, 21/3/1829:
For sale by private contract the good brig ABOYNE, of Aberdeen, George Morrison master, burthen per register 158 tons, built Aberdeen of best English oak timber and plank and copper fastened; is abundantly found with good materials, sails very fast, requires little ballast and will carry sail without any, stows very large cargo at an easy draught of water and is in every respect a handy good vessel. Inventory and particulars from Capt. Morrision aboard vessel lying at North Quay or to Thomson, Catto & Co., coal fitters, Monkwearmouth shore.

Lloyd's Register, 1833:
ABOYNE, 161 tons, Master M. Lamb, owners Lamb & Co., built Aberdeen, 19th years of age, destined voyage Exmouth coaster.

Hampshire Telegraph, 13/1/1834:
For sale by public auction 17 Jan. At Black Dog, Emsworth (for account of the underwriters) hull of the brig ABOYNE, George Foster master, of 160 tons register, as she now lies stranded on Thorney Island about 3 miles from Emsworth, together with part of her cargo, 8 keels of coals.

Lloyd's Register, 1853:
ABOYNE, 156 tons, built Aberdeen 1814, J. Bullin master, C. Billing owner, registered Lynn, D.V. Lynn - Baltic.

Hull Packet, 8/4/1853:
Grimsby, 30 March - Brig ABOYNE, of Lynn, stranded at Tetney, has been bought by Mr. Hoodless of North Somercotes, who succeeded in getting her off the beach and she was towed into Grimsby by steam tug ENDEAVOUR.

Lloyd's Register, 1856: [Last entry]
ABOYNE, snow, Master J. Johnston, 156 tons, owner R. Hoodless, built Aberdeen 1814.
Guthrie & Co.
length 77' x breadth 22'2" x depth 13'5"
gross tonnage 156 60/94 tons

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