Yard Number: 61

1 deck, 2 masts, brigantine rigged, standing bowsprit, carvel built, square stern, a woman's bust figurehead

Certificate issued 12 January 1833. Owners were George Levie, merchant and Robert Taylor, shipmaster, both of Peterhead.

Other Shareholders in 1833:
James Rhind, Confectioner, 8 shares; Thomas Laurence, Merchant, 8 shares; William Seller, Merchant, 4 shares; Alexander Robertson, Baker, 8 shares; Robert Morrison, Baker, 8 shares; Alexander Stephen, Shipmaster, 4 shares; Andrew Catto, Candle maker, 4 shares; James Yule Jnr, Brick maker, 4 shares; James Yule, Tertius (3rd), Brick maker, 4 shares; all Peterhead.

Robert Taylor Master in 1833

(Source Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

Vessel sold 28 May 1841 to William Page of Scarborough.

1839: Master Youl; Voyage London-St. Helier
1840: Master A. Cato; Registered Peterhead; Voyage Liverpool-St. Mary, Scillys
1843: Master Spurgeon
1845: Master Bennett; Scarborough Coaster
1846/47/48: Master E. Robinson; Owner J. Coxon; Registered N. Shields; Shields Coaster
1849: No mention in either Lloyd's London or Liverpool Registers.

Daily News, 14/5/1849:
Destructive fire at Thorwey Coal Co.'s wharf in Broad St., Ratelift, London, believed to be the work of an incendiary. Floating fire engine from Rotherhithe despatched to the sport. Fire extended to brig ADVENTURE, of Newcastle, Capt. Robinson, which was lying alongside the wharf. Floating engine was set to work to extinguish flames on vessel, which had already taken possession of bulwarks, main mast, top mast and companion way, so that as far as midships vessel was one body of fire. Enormous quantity of water thrown upon the vessel soon extinguished fire. Part of deck, bulwarks, mast and rigging seriously damaged by fire. [Additional material from Glasgow Herald, 18/5/1849.]
A. HALL & Co.
George Levie and Robert Taylor, Peterhead.
length 73' x breadth 22.6' x depth 13.5'
gross tonnage 149 tons

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